Work Portfolio

This is the area where I can showcase the work I have done since leaving University in the number of projects that I have been involved in.

This section should show a wide range of skills.

Current Projects: (Copywriter, Marketing & Operations Manager) – In charge of the day to day running of the site as well as managing a large selection of student writers both internally and externally.

Also involved with writing large amounts of copy for the site using SEO and affiliate marketing experience.

This role carries a very large range of skills and I aim to get involved whenever I can. (Business Development Manager) – Part of a team of 3 that developed the site. I am mainly involved in supplying copy for the site as well as lead generation and sales.

I am also involved in the marketing and branding of the website.

University Face Off (Social Media & PR Manager) – Involved in contacting universities to get involved as well as promoting through a number of social media channels.

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