Students looking forward to A Level results day

If I cast my mind back I can remember receiving my A Level envelope and opening it with pure fear. Luckily I made it through to my first choice, Manchester University.

There are a lot of A Level students who will be biting their nails with the prospect of A Level results day 2011. I would just like to wish them luck in their applications to university and point them towards a great student money saving website called SaveTheStudent, which admittedly I help develop. I have no shame in saying that it is a great website and the top for student money saving in the UK.

Also, if you happen to be going to Manchester University and want to know how to get around Manchester as a Fresher then be sure to check out Student Map. It is a brand new website aimed at showing students local discounts in Manchester as well as jobs, accommodation and events. It will help students to make the most of their city.

Thanks for reading this quick update and I promise to blog more as the year goes on.

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