Student Bank Accounts

student bank accountsI have recently set about writing about student bank accounts for the 2012 university starters.

It’s a bit of a daunting task when you take into account that your research will be affecting the choices of thousands of students before they start university.

I have to stress that the facts and figures for the 2012 bank accounts have not yet been published. However, this has not stopped many student websites falsely claiming that they have the figures for this year. I do disagree with this because some of these websites put themselves in a trusted position and could be potentially misleading students.

I hope that the content I manage to write on student bank accounts can be helpful to may students and aid them in making the right decision before they come to university. If I had a resource like this before I started University then I would have definitely used it.

I am literally updating the articles now in time for next year but I have to wait on the banks to release their official facts and figures for the coming year so that I can publish them as soon as possible.

I am aware that most people reading this post are neither interested in myself or student bank accounts but I just wanted to let you know a little bit about what I have been working on. If you want to keep up to date with the bank accounts then you can just take a look at It is one of the only trusted sites for everything to do with student accounts.

Money Saving Apps

I am aware that I have not written for a while on this site. I have been busy with a number of projects.

I just wanted to bring to light an article that I was part of writing. It is an interesting article because it is about money saving apps.

It is a list of the top 17 apps that are available on a large range of platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia. It’s well worth a read and could even save you some money along the way.

Anyway, I plan to blog more over the coming months about my experiences and how life as a graduate is fairing now that I have managed to find full time employment (in one way or another).

Once again, don’t forget to check out the best money saving apps here.

Students looking forward to A Level results day

If I cast my mind back I can remember receiving my A Level envelope and opening it with pure fear. Luckily I made it through to my first choice, Manchester University.

There are a lot of A Level students who will be biting their nails with the prospect of A Level results day 2011. I would just like to wish them luck in their applications to university and point them towards a great student money saving website called SaveTheStudent, which admittedly I help develop. I have no shame in saying that it is a great website and the top for student money saving in the UK.

Also, if you happen to be going to Manchester University and want to know how to get around Manchester as a Fresher then be sure to check out Student Map. It is a brand new website aimed at showing students local discounts in Manchester as well as jobs, accommodation and events. It will help students to make the most of their city.

Thanks for reading this quick update and I promise to blog more as the year goes on.

1,000 Hits: 5 ways to get more views on your website!

I hit a total of 1,000 views today in about 4 months. Although this may not sound amazing it is to me. Since i started up the site there has been an average of about 9 views a day and this is just through organic growth and very little marketing.

Organic growth is when you just let your website grow with little or no marketing and promotion. This got me thinking. How could I go about it if I wanted to get more views. I did some research into this and I put together a 5 top tips for you to get more views on your website through marketing online. All of these online marketing techniques can be carried out with little or no cost.

1. Social Media

Social media is a great free way to market your webpage or blog. It’s a great idea to set up a twitter account and a facebook page. From here you can tell people about your website and update them with your latest posts. This way you can direct viewers straight to your page and help them to feel involved.

Whats more, you can find many plugins that will update Facebook and Twitter profiles automatically with each post. Take a look at This website allows you to automatically tell your followers about a new post on a number of social media platforms including twitter and facebook. A great example of the use of twitterfeed is the Style Storm blog written by Alex Lochhead.

2. Choose a Specific Topic for your Website

When you set up a website it is a good idea to stick to a single subject so that every post relates to the other. This is better for SEO (explained below) and also helps to keep readers interested. It is better if viewers of your site understand there is a clear message and if you find a popular niche then you could attract a large following.

3. SEO (search engine optimisation)

SEO is very important on your website and may appear confusing to a lot of new website owner and bloggers. There are a lot of tips and tutorials online. If you own a WordPress site then I would suggest installing all in one SEO pack. This allows you to write key phrases on each blog entry in order to help people searching for you r posts to find them.

If this still seems a little too complicated then set up a Google Adword account. Here you can search for key words and phrases and see what other phrases relate to them. Keep these key words and phrases in mind as your write each blog post. If you try to include them as many times as you can then your SEO will improve.

4. PPC (pay per click)

If you are willing to spend money on attracting people to your blog then Google’s Pay Per Click set up will suit you. It allows the website owner to advertise their page in Google but only for key words and phrases that you choose. This way you can be sure that the right type of person is directed to your page. The best thing about PPC is that you only pay for each click through to your page and can set any budget you like.

5. Write interesting

Last but not least make sure that you write engaging information. If you want people to keep coming back then you have to keep your homepage interesting. After all ‘content is key.’ You could have the best looking webpage of the century but visitors will not return if there is nothing to read.

Also, check your posts for grammar and spelling.

I hope this gives you a good idea into how to increase visitors to your blog or website and I hope that I can follow my own advice in order to get more hits over the next few months.

An entrepreneurial inspiration – Jamie Akhtar

“The successful networkers I know, the ones receiving tonnes of referals and feeling truely happy about themselves, continually put the other persons needs ahead of their own.” – Bob Burg

Whilst looking for a job I am finding the increasing importance of networking. Through applying to jobs and making myself known to local employment hubs I am meeting new and interesting people all the time.

I find some of these people a great inspiration to what I want to achieve and they show an alternative way to make yourself employable as a graduate.

The area of social media is always something that has interested me as Facebook and Twitter are almost second nature to a child of my generation. However, I would like to stress that it is not as simple as just using what you know to become successful but you must be willing to learn and grow your skill set.

It was at a local networking meeting in innospace (a hub for start up businesses in the Meanchester Metropolitan business school) that I met a budding social media expert, Jamie Akhtar.

Jamie Akhtar is a recent graduate who had been searching for a job after university just like me. Jamie decided to take the world into his own hands and become a business in himself. Ever since I have met Jamie I have seen him progress through networking and his motivation for social media.

Jamie has been working as a “social media guru” doing contract work for a number of key local start up businesses. This spurred him on to start up his own business as a social media consultant.

The thing about Jamie Akhtar is that he is an inspiration to me and many other graduates. If you have a skill then you need to use it to your advantage and learn more. It is an opportunity to grow! The other thing about Jamie Akhtar is that he has shown that it is not just about what you know and I have started to notice this myself. You need to network and make yourself be known. Do not be scared to approach people and be confident in your skills, whatever you do.

All you need is a bit of drive and a good set of skills and you could follow in the same footsteps as Jamie Akhtar himself.

If you are interested in finding more out about this inspirational character then visit

How to sell your Facebook fan page

About 6 months ago me and a friend set up a Facebook fan page. It was to our amazement that his page hit almost 100,000 fans within a week. However, there were a lot of lessons about managing a Facebook page that we have learnt.

It seems that a page with so many fans carries great responsibility. People judge what you tell them and take it very seriously. It was possible to loose a large number of supporters with a small status.

It has come to a stage now where we have let it die down and grow organically at a slower rate. It was only last week when I was hit by a surprise. We were offered £200 to sell admin to the page to a man that will remain un-named. This is an astounding amount of money for a Facebook fan page. He offered us the money for a change to post 3 statuses that related to the group every week.

On first glance this appeared to be an offer that we could not refuse. However, as I didn’t want to let just anybody post statuses, I did some digging around on the internet.

It turns out that after some top detective work on my behalf that he was the creator of a Facebook app named tinie app. Now this may appear to be nothing suspicious but on further investigation I discovered that it was in fact a type of Facebook virus. it allows the user to hack into other peoples accounts and then post messages on their behalf.

This means that tinie app is a great marketing tool and therefore could generate him a lot of money.

I would like to point out that I was ashamed that he not only wanted to take over the page to post statuses for a detrimental cause but he also lied to me in his emails about what his real agenda was.

To sum up in short, this blog post is to help warn other Facebook fan page owners that may be looking to sell their pages to watch out for emails from people like this.

What to do if you want to sell your Facebook page

If you do want to go down the route of selling your Facebook fan page then there are plenty of forums etc. where you can sell Facebook fan pages.

Or you could wait for someone to come to you!

Becoming your own boss!

I find myself still looking for a job and it has been a while now. Money is starting to get scarce and I am beginning to get slightly frustrated. This leads me to look at other options in order to get myself  a good career. I could take an obvious route such as an unpaid intern or a course to improve my skills but I have started to wonder how easy it could be to start your own business.

There must be no better time than now for a graduate to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. Why not? Becoming your own boss seems like a great option. However, the problem I find is coming up with an idea. I have been racking my brains as to what to do. There are many things to consider such as cost and feasibility to name a few.

A great inspiration to me is Owen Burek. Owen was a friend of mine at university and he has successfully started his own business and taken it from strength to strength with very little investment. It has taken Owen Burek great drive and self motivation to get to where he is and I wish him all the greatest success.

I will continue to work hard at looking for jobs at the same time as thinking of how I can make the most out of my skills by becoming my own boss. There is so much out there to help you and “the world is your oyster.” Who knows what the world holds for me. Maybe I could follow in the footsteps of my good friend Owen Burek.

Facebook Messaging: The Death of Email?

Yesterday saw a huge announcement from Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the hit social networking site Facebook.

With the recent changes and developments in communication social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have profited. Whether you like social networking or not, it’s here to stay.

Zuckerberg announced the integration of a messaging system into Facebook aka Facebook messaging. So how does Facebook messaging work? It seems slightly confusing so I have broken it down into a few simple chunks:

  • It allows users to combine Text Messages, emails and facebook posts.
  • The user decides which format they receive the message in, for example email or SMS format.
  • It will automatically filter the messages into priorities. In other words the friends that you talk to the most will be top priority.
  • You can set it to recieve messages from friends only. This is being dubbed as the death of dreaded spam emails.
  • And finally, each user will have an messaging account.

At first glance Facebook messaging appears to be a direct competitor for email. However, Mark Zuckerberg said “This is not an email killer. This is a messaging system that includes email as a part of it.” So, if it is not the email killer then is it the phone number killer? According to The Telegraph today, there is a strong possibility that the 10 digit phone number could soon be a thing of the past. With this new Facebook messaging service you will be able to click on a friend and then simply send them a message.

So, there you have it. A very speedy introduction into the new Facebook messaging service. Very interesting I think you will agree! We will just have to wait and see if it has a major impact upon email and SMS.

VAT increase looms as shoppers rush to buy!

With the looming threat of the VAT increase on 4th January 2011 fast approaching pre-christmas shopping is set to be at an all time high this year. With Kelkoo the price comparison site saying that 16% of shoppers admit they will buy now to beat the increase. Shoppers are rushing to buy cheap. Or at least that’s how it seems.

The truth of the matter is that it is unlikely the effects of the increase will be felt in the retail sector. As Alan Sugar alluded to this morning on Twitter, the retailers are likely to absorb the increase by cutting margins or screwing over the suppliers.  They have had 6 months to prepare for the increase and will have discussed it with suppliers and planned for lowering the costs of their products.

In my opinion it is looking good for the economy this Christmas as the people rushing to buy is only good for the economy. Increasing the cash flow is essential. However this is not to say that rushing to buy is a good idea and that this false pretence of rocketing prices is playing into the hands of retailers quite well.

Happy Shopping!

Getting there! Message from me, Jake Butler!

Hi just a quick opening message here from me, Jake Butler.

Just launched the official twitter page of Jake Butler and it’s nearly all systems go. Was given a week off work so thought there would be no better time to start filling people’s heads with my thoughts etc. Still trying to find something to blog/ramble about that will be more enjoyable but for the meantime i’m just blogging about anything and everything. Whatever interests me really. Hope you enjoy the site.

Twitter is: