Becoming your own boss!

I find myself still looking for a job and it has been a while now. Money is starting to get scarce and I am beginning to get slightly frustrated. This leads me to look at other options in order to get myself  a good career. I could take an obvious route such as an unpaid intern or a course to improve my skills but I have started to wonder how easy it could be to start your own business.

There must be no better time than now for a graduate to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. Why not? Becoming your own boss seems like a great option. However, the problem I find is coming up with an idea. I have been racking my brains as to what to do. There are many things to consider such as cost and feasibility to name a few.

A great inspiration to me is Owen Burek. Owen was a friend of mine at university and he has successfully started his own business and taken it from strength to strength with very little investment. It has taken Owen Burek great drive and self motivation to get to where he is and I wish him all the greatest success.

I will continue to work hard at looking for jobs at the same time as thinking of how I can make the most out of my skills by becoming my own boss. There is so much out there to help you and “the world is your oyster.” Who knows what the world holds for me. Maybe I could follow in the footsteps of my good friend Owen Burek.

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