An entrepreneurial inspiration – Jamie Akhtar

“The successful networkers I know, the ones receiving tonnes of referals and feeling truely happy about themselves, continually put the other persons needs ahead of their own.” – Bob Burg

Whilst looking for a job I am finding the increasing importance of networking. Through applying to jobs and making myself known to local employment hubs I am meeting new and interesting people all the time.

I find some of these people a great inspiration to what I want to achieve and they show an alternative way to make yourself employable as a graduate.

The area of social media is always something that has interested me as Facebook and Twitter are almost second nature to a child of my generation. However, I would like to stress that it is not as simple as just using what you know to become successful but you must be willing to learn and grow your skill set.

It was at a local networking meeting in innospace (a hub for start up businesses in the Meanchester Metropolitan business school) that I met a budding social media expert, Jamie Akhtar.

Jamie Akhtar is a recent graduate who had been searching for a job after university just like me. Jamie decided to take the world into his own hands and become a business in himself. Ever since I have met Jamie I have seen him progress through networking and his motivation for social media.

Jamie has been working as a “social media guru” doing contract work for a number of key local start up businesses. This spurred him on to start up his own business as a social media consultant.

The thing about Jamie Akhtar is that he is an inspiration to me and many other graduates. If you have a skill then you need to use it to your advantage and learn more. It is an opportunity to grow! The other thing about Jamie Akhtar is that he has shown that it is not just about what you know and I have started to notice this myself. You need to network and make yourself be known. Do not be scared to approach people and be confident in your skills, whatever you do.

All you need is a bit of drive and a good set of skills and you could follow in the same footsteps as Jamie Akhtar himself.

If you are interested in finding more out about this inspirational character then visit

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